• Heartbreak

    I never knew what to make
    Of the word that is heartbreak
    It always seemed like a funny word
    In my life, only seen and only heard.... more »

  • Losing You

    Waking up this morning
    The truth set us free
    I ignored every warning
    That you don't love me.... more »

  • New Year's Sentiment

    this love is not what it needs to be,
    no flowers or candy or romance for me,
    spending special days alone
    waiting by the telephone... more »

  • What The Hell?

    What the hell did you mean to say?
    I love you? Well it did not come out that way,
    Your actions are childish, your schemes not cool
    Well this older woman just isn’t a fool.... more »

  • What's Left?

    The only thing I have is the picture that you sent
    The place where my heart use to be is spent,
    I think about where you are and all day what you’ve done
    Yet I know I can never share in all your boyish fun.... more »