• Alone

    Empty faces rushing by
    Somewhere I hear a baby cry
    A couple are fighting just up ahead
    About something the other had said... more »

  • Angels Don'T Cry

    Dear Jesus
    Can I be an angel
    What can I do
    I want to go to heaven... more »

  • Angel's Lullabye

    The earth so hard and cold
    As they lower her in the ground
    As we watch the tiny coffin
    No one makes a sound... more »

  • Anonymous Faces

    Anonymous faces
    Stare at me
    Then go home
    To their TV... more »

  • Be Gentle

    Be Gentle
    I've known nothing but abuse
    And horrors in my life
    Beatings and bruises... more »

  • Captured

    Captured by the years
    You had me under your spell
    Even now I can't seem
    To climb out of this hell... more »

  • Empty Arms

    Silent tears fall
    On a white sterile gown
    Shadows lurking
    They don’t make a sound... more »

  • For The Grace Of God Go I

    Homeless man in the street...ragged and alone..
    Hoping for a handout before the day is gone.
    Cold and shivering..not even a coat to wear..
    People snicker behind his back..no one to care.... more »

  • Shadows Played

    Shadows played
    Dancing softly in her room
    In her little corner
    She didn't see the darkness
    Never thought about the gloom
    She didn't feel
    The terrible pain anymore
    She sit quietly all alone
    Curled in a ball on the floor... more »

  • The Mask

    She walks alone
    Her head held down
    She never notices
    If anyone's around... more »

  • When All Is Said And Done

    When all is said and done
    And you draw your last breath
    You surrender your soul
    Into the arms of death... more »

  • Who Do You Think You Are

    Who do you think you are
    Still messing up my mind
    Why this power over me
    After all this time... more »