My mother read poetry to me when I was in her womb and I emerged, I am told, in Huntsville, Ontario, crying in iambic pentameter. With the encouragement of my parents, I was composing verses as soon as I could talk.

I was educated in Georgetown and Toronto and lived for many years in Thunder Bay, where I began a process of what Carl Sagan described as 'matter coming to consciousness.'

The exploration continues even now that I have exceeded my shelf life and surpassed my best before date.

'In view of the fact that my work has been known,
on occasion, to rhyme,
I consider myself an anachronism
in my own time.'


Linda Stitt Poems

Coming To Terms

Time and chance
have worn me quite away,
yet I may serve
without despair or wrath.... more »

Born Again...And Again...

All is impermanent, the sages say;
all that is formed will surely pass away.
And, though experience has shown this to be so,
my little self refuses to let go,... more »

For Jaredene

Who can I tell about you?
You were the one I told everything to
and even before I could say it, you knew.
Now who can I tell about you?... more »

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