• Born Again...And Again...

    All is impermanent, the sages say;
    all that is formed will surely pass away.
    And, though experience has shown this to be so,
    my little self refuses to let go,... more »

  • Coming To Terms

    Time and chance
    have worn me quite away,
    yet I may serve
    without despair or wrath.... more »

  • Evolution

    We have so little time
    to plant the seeds,
    to tend the blossoms.... more »

  • Fish And Company

    My mother's hospitality's been legend all her life
    and my father as a host was second only to his wife
    but some things are not inherited so, love them as I may,
    I tell my friends the rules of the house... more »

  • For Jaredene

    Who can I tell about you?
    You were the one I told everything to
    and even before I could say it, you knew.
    Now who can I tell about you?... more »

  • Mantra

    Flow water and wind,
    bear away concept and thought.
    This is not mine, nor my soul.
    This I am not.... more »

  • Purification

    I keep my kuti spic and span
    and tidy as I go.
    I wash my bowl as best I can
    and keep my profile low.... more »

  • Self Centred

    Through my ears, my eyes, my fingertips,
    creation comes to know itself.
    Over my lips,
    as I remember to allow,... more »

  • Star Dust

    Spiral and spin and swirl
    through shadows of space, and make
    a shimmering twist in time
    in your vortical wake.... more »

  • Summit As Pique Experience (Toronto - 1988)

    To this city where I dwell
    has come the foetid, martial scent
    of uniform and armament
    and folk who do not love me well.... more »

  • War Zone

    We go blindly into battle,
    unable to see
    that our own animosity
    is the adversary.... more »

  • Wimp In Wolf's Clothing

    Well, I met this man
    at a party last night
    and he had an interesting kind of face,
    craggy and weatherbeaten... more »

  • Woman In Question

    I never questioned that fathers knew best,
    that husbands were always obeyed,
    that God was a man who required that His children
    be dutiful, meek and afraid.... more »