• 1.

    As he walked towards me
    My heart began to beat in furiously
    His walk seemed so quiet & graceful
    Everyone around me disappeared... more »

  • 2.

    I stand there, in the dark corner
    Waiting for that glance
    For his eyes & mine to meet
    For him to realize I’m the one... more »

  • 3.

    My eyes are lying
    I can’t be here
    This can’t be…
    I’m in a gorgeous, over flown wedding gown... more »

  • 4.

    Birds are chirping
    Kids are playing in the neighborhood
    & I’m standing beside my love
    My hand finds its way... more »

  • Because You Walked By

    My day always seems to be missing something
    My heart seems to ache
    My mind tends to wonder
    My eyes stay glued to the floor... more »

  • Burnt Breakfast

    a strange smell sneaks under my nose
    my face hides under the pillow
    sugar plum fairies continue their dance
    but the wretched aroma sneaks back... more »

  • Dirty Water

    Everything is all smirky
    Only darkness is seen
    An object bobs in and out
    What could it be?... more »

  • Don'T Forget

    When our eyes first met,
    I knew you would be hard to forget.
    When you first smiled at me,
    My heart just melted.... more »

  • Falling

    Tears fall down my cheeks
    As I think
    Why did I say yes?
    Will I get hurt again?... more »

  • Harsh Place

    The world is a harsh place,
    But beyond this, is something greater.
    Something so spectacular words are not made to describe it.
    So why do people mourn when some leave?... more »

  • I Am

    I am the girl who u call when everything goes wrong
    I am the girl who u come to for advice
    I am the girl who u tell everything to
    I am the girl who’s heart is breaking... more »

  • I Am Calm

    Don't sit there
    With your big green eyes
    And your mouth spilling bad news... more »

  • I Don'T Ever Do This

    I tore down my walls
    All is left is a door
    No locks,
    No chains,... more »

  • In So Deep

    I use to not have a heart
    It was once stolen
    But I recently got it back
    Not for long... more »

  • Isn'T Right

    This just isn't right.
    I try to be happy,
    I try to smile,
    But it's just not happening.... more »

  • Just One

    One look,
    One touch,
    And three words
    Had me know... more »

  • Just Remember

    I look at the stars
    And see you staring right at me.
    Your brilliant smile when your looking at me.
    I can even hear you laugh... more »

  • Last Time

    I remember when I last smiled
    It was with you
    The last time I laughed
    Was because of you... more »

  • Lost

    You ask me if I'm okay,
    What am I suppose to say?
    That I am?
    But I'm not.... more »

  • Mind

    I feel like I'm in a daze
    Like I'm in a mere dream
    But not a nice one
    I'm falling off a cliff... more »

  • Mistake

    I made a mistake
    By letting you go
    All because I was scared
    I made another mistake... more »

  • Never

    You say you love me,
    You say you care,
    But how come you’re never there?
    Sure you call me..... more »

  • No Longer

    No longer can I cry.
    No longer can I feel.
    No longer will my heartache.
    No longer will I believe those three words.... more »

  • No Return

    Why did you leave?
    Leave me here all alone?
    Did it get to hard?
    Life I mean?... more »

  • Nothing

    My mind stays weak,
    While my heart remains broken
    Everything that was good
    Is unspoken.... more »