• A Reactionary Tale

    I was a caring husband. I bought socks for my family.

    My swarthy wife liked to wear these thick woolen socks that came
    up to her milky thighs.... more »

  • Are You Refined?

    I used to paint with linseed,
    Now I paint with crude oil.

    Draped in cheap oil and sweating oil,... more »

  • Death Will Come With Your Eyes

    Death will come with your eyes—
    this death that accompanies us
    from morning till night, sleepless,
    deaf, like an old regret... more »

  • Imagine

    His palace surrounded, he fled through miles
    Of secret tunnels, hopped into a waiting SUV
    And was driven to a house of worship, where
    They finally found him, hours later, praying,... more »

  • Love Tokens (A Translation Of 'Tặ Ng Vậ T Tỏ Tình' By Tran Da Tu)

    I’ll give you a roll of barbwire
    A vine for this modern epoch
    Climbing all over our souls
    That’s our love, take it, don’t ask... more »

  • My Local Burning

    If it feels and looks like racing,
    And crashes, hallelujah, like racing,
    Then it's World War III all right.... more »

  • Quiz

    Invaders invariably call themselves:

    a) berserkers
    b) marauders... more »

  • Street Song

    Why be ashamed? When one has done time,
    if they let one out, it's because like everybody else
    who belongs to the streets, one has been in prison.... more »

  • The Cat Will Know

    Again the rain will fall
    on the sweet pavements,
    a light rain
    like a breath or a footstep.... more »

  • Toy For Future Children

    A blind and deaf bullet buried in the field
    Dozing through decades of blood and bones
    Then one morning
    In a bustling future... more »

  • Two

    Man and woman watch each other lying in bed:
    their two bodies stretched out wide and exhausted.
    the man is still, only the woman takes long breaths
    that quiver her ribs. The legs distended... more »

  • Vertigo

    He has a muscular torso
    With a thousand erections
    Lighting up the night sky
    But none sticks up more... more »