• 6 Steps To A Lung Journey

    C-omplete registration, await confirmation.... more »

  • A Grizzly Dream- Fun

    The other night I retired to bed and had a crazy dream
    That I was walking on the beach when I heard an awesome scream
    Standing right before me was a great brown grizzly bear
    wearing a tu-tu and a basque and a ribbon in her hair... more »

  • A Pantoum - Alone On The Hillside

    As she sits alone on the hillside watching the sunrise
    Silence is golden, movement is absent
    Upon the grassy fields she sees shadowing darkness
    The freshness in the air surrounds her intensely... more »

  • A Pantoum- Dancing Under The Stars

    As she dances under the moonlit stars
    Feeling the adrenalin rushing through her veins
    For now she is alone, but not lonely
    She makes her own music as her heart beats in time... more »

  • Asbo City-Fun

    Crash, smash a flying bottle
    Enters my back yard at full throttle
    I missed the little blighters which is more than a pity
    But thats just simple run of the mill when you live in ASBO City... more »

  • Beaches

    Like a twinkle of water
    A splashing of rain
    A silent moment
    Upon us again... more »

  • Burnt Orange Sunrise.

    Unaware of the firing motion
    The moon reflects in her glazing eyes
    Solitary motion distills the summer days
    Transparent figures move in the burning sunrise... more »

  • By Being You.

    Because you are you
    I can be me
    I can say what I want, what I feel
    I can wear what I like... more »

  • Changing Minds

    Way back in the olden days
    They treat it as a crime
    To have a child out of wedlock
    You'd surely do the time... more »

  • Colourful Rainbow.

    R.ainbows in the sky reminders of you
    A.lways feeling sheltered with the colours shining through... more »

  • Haiku-Moon And Stars

    Way up high above... more »

  • Crossroads.

    You are so gentle and kind and you care so much
    I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your touch

    You express your inner self each moment of every day... more »

  • Empathy

    We are all so different
    Yet so alike
    We have felt the suffering
    On a dark mountainous hike... more »

  • Expressions-Thankyou To All

    When I finally found my soulmate
    Oh little did I know
    That lots of loving feelings
    Would suddenly start to flow... more »

  • Garden Of Serenity.

    Feeling the serenity that knows all its powers
    Unwinding the mazes not knowing what devours
    To sprinkle the liquid as each we do walk
    Inside is the garden where we meet and talk... more »

  • Girl Without A Face

    I saw you there in desperate need... more »

  • Guiding Star

    Will you dance with me?
    Will you set me free?
    Will you love me true?
    and I'll be there for you.... more »

  • Gypsy.

    I was not searching for answers
    Curiosity brought me to you.
    But I kept an open mind and my own point of view
    Predicaments you told me... more »

  • Haiku - Rainbow Light

    Colours of the earth... more »

  • Haiku- Solitude

    On my own once more
    Solitude is my best friend
    Peacefulness galore... more »

  • Haiku -Wedding Bells

    Haiku is Japanese poetry-3 lines (syllables 5-7-5)

    The sheer wedded bliss
    Captures my heart and shines bright... more »

  • Haiku-A Rainy Day

    The heavens opened... more »

  • Haiku-Bonnie Fields

    Yellow fields, blue skies... more »

  • Haiku-Earth

    Heading somewhere new
    The soft delicious passion
    Of the tantilising core... more »

  • Haiku-Feel The Energy

    Energy inside... more »