• Haiku-My Angel

    ... more »

  • Haiku-My Angel 2

    Who is my angel?... more »

  • Haiku-Poppies

    Skip through the meadows... more »

  • Haiku-Seagulls

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  • Haiku-Tiptoe And Dance

    Tiptoe softly free... more »

  • In Your Life

    The more that people come and then go
    The more the strength friendship will show
    When others decide to let you down
    You find your true friends are still around... more »

  • Isolation

    In these four walls I sit and pray
    alone I watch the clock
    Each moment of every day.
    Moments last forever... more »

  • Jambo The Gorilla (True Story)

    This is based on a true story from the 80's which hit the news. I was 15 when I wrote it. Jambo became famous Aug 31,1986 when 5 yr old Levan Merrit fell into Jambos base and became unconcious. Jambo stood guard protectively over the boy until he was rescued. The media dispelled the myth of Jambo as fearsome, like King Kong. Jambo was found dead on Sept 16 1992, my daughters 1st birthday. He now has a biography and is known as the gentle giant. (See wikipedia)
    Heres my poem.

    I sat in my compound sad and depressed... more »

  • Just For You

    You came into my life like a breath of fresh air
    At a time when I needed somebody to care
    You warmed my heart and calmed my soul
    You turned my life from half to whole... more »

  • Life And Love.

    My life belongs with you
    You make my love shine through
    And whenever I'm feeling down
    You know exactly what to do... more »

  • Model Making

    What beauty he saw as his camera he preened
    Perfection he'd mastered a model he'd weaned
    She was slender and slique when she posed for the flash
    He'd sure get her on page three and earn tons of cash... more »

  • Morning Mis-Hap! -Fun

    I rose from my pit at a quarter to six
    only sleeping three hours I needed a fix (caffeine)
    My eyes were all blurry and filled up with matt
    As I stumbled downstairs I tripped over the cat... more »

  • Motherly Touch

    My little Angel my daughter
    My little girl, who brought her?
    You Twinkle in daytime
    And Sparkle at night... more »

  • Moving Forward.

    2001 was when it all started
    I became down and my mind departed
    With bereavement to handle it was all too much
    I lost a grip and was out of touch... more »

  • My Dream Coat

    Finding yourself can be a challenging sight
    Never found in a day, or delivered overnight
    Be true to your heart and be showered with wealth
    The only opinion you need's from yourself... more »

  • My Inspiration

    You are my inspiration my love
    My saviour forever and ALL
    Whenever I need guidance
    You warm my aching soul... more »

  • My Lonely Soul

    The months have passed and my lonely soul
    has found it hard to bare
    I miss you now as I missed you then
    our life we once did share... more »

  • Nature

    Lush silky drops creeping their fence
    Softly shaking by desire
    The world less strange and secret
    Where emerald trees climb higher... more »

  • Naughty Nursery Rhymes Again

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  • Our Choices

    The true person is hidden inside yourself
    But do they come out or stay buried inside?
    One of you will: the other will hide
    It's the way your life goes... more »

  • Over The Rainbow

    Way up high above we see the purity in the sky
    A rainbow full of hope after the rain passes by
    Shining in the distance red and yellow blue and green
    Oh what a beautiful sight, that mankind has ever seen... more »

  • Peaceful Sleep

    In this big room people stir
    Soundly sleeping one by one
    For this moment all is gone... more »

  • Pen-Pals Down Under

    Apart we are ten thousand miles
    Together we share a thousand smiles
    Each day I know you're there for me
    And I am too as you can see... more »

  • Picture Of You

    Visions of your face, your voice warm and kind
    Like a moon beam at night simply springs to ones mind
    All these years we've been friends
    Never meeting face to face... more »

  • Purrfect

    In the room I feel your comfort
    purring contently and warming the air
    Sleeping soundly and gently awaking
    The sound of the summer border fayre... more »