Bellingham, born. Lummi rez, raised. There really is not much to say. To you, I am a novice writer, a seventeen year old, a kid. I attend Ferndale High, a place of hell and hella good memories. I live with my mother, that thing on the couch she calls a boyfriend, my little sister and three nephews. It's a crowded life but hey as long as they're there (and they stay out of my room) its all good.


Lisa Silk Poems

Life Is...

Life is a glass of water
is it half empty?
or is it half full?
could it be both?... more »

I Am My Own.

Who am I?
I'm still tryin' to
figure that out...... more »

2 Tankas

When the violin
Puts an end to her singing
all must be silent.
When she is alone... more »

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