Lisbeth Spider Biography

Being a friendly person, she trusts most everyone she meets to share her own open and frank way of communicating and expressing her feelings on all subjects. Repeatedly, human nature being as varied and fickle as it is, she's disappointed.
Her negative experiences seldom turn her bitter, or down her innate enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, but they can cause her to become a trifle skeptical. However heart-breaking and tragic some of her emotional memories may be, this is not a woman you could label as 'characterized by hatred and resentment'. She is definitely a woman who's not easily convinced, who sometimes doubts until she's sure - and assuredly a female who is 'questioning'.
You will often find her spilling over with questions. She more than questions love. She has her doubts and curiosity about politics, architecture, films, books, advertising, biology, zoology, ecology, social structures, social norms - and most of all, religion. She can swing from being devoutly spiritual to stark atheism and back again...forever searching...seeking truth. She possess a talent for prophecy too, of which she is blissfully unaware, and she is a gay philosopher at heart.
Most of the conclusions she reaches, after giving relatives, friends and strangers the third degree, are happy ones, in the final analysis containing a positive note about the future, rainbow-hued with hope. It's just that she doesn't like to fool anyone, or be fooled herself. For all her shining idealism, she'd still much rather hear it like it is, so she can deal with the realities, not illusions. All in all, this is one bright, brave and honest woman who can be a puzzling contradiction.