• Place To Be...

    We dare to crawl into this space
    Where men are lost in wonderous daze
    Hearts do whisper of dangers that creep
    Mind does wonders of thrills to seek... more »

  • Self Is...

    When i'm alone I think about you,
    In your company I think about me.
    Looking through the mirror of your soul
    Reflecting my brightest and darkest hope... more »

  • Sultry Solitude

    Wants and desires crash in my head
    What I need can't grasp in my hands
    This is no longing of a pining heart
    This is no soul lost in painful thoughts... more »

  • Unique

    She knows it's the x or y factor
    He agrees it's been the same matter
    New is an old story I once told
    Surprise is the party we all hold... more »