• A Day Like Any Other

    Such insignificance: a glance
    at your record on the doctor's desk
    or a letter not meant for you.
    How could you have known? It's not true... more »

  • Alive Together

    Speaking of marvels, I am alive
    together with you, when I might have been
    alive with anyone under the sun,
    when I might have been Abelard's woman... more »

  • Another Version

    Our trees are aspens, but people
    mistake them for birches;
    they think of us as characters
    in a Russian novel, Kitty and Levin... more »

  • Bedtime Story

    The moon lies on the river
    like a drop of oil.
    The children come to the banks to be healed
    of their wounds and bruises.... more »

  • Blood Oranges

    In 1936, a child
    in Hitler's Germany,
    what did I know about the war in Spain?
    Andalusia was a tango... more »

  • Curriculum Vitae


    1) I was born in a Free City, near the North Sea.... more »

  • Five For Country Music

    I. Insomnia

    The bulb at the front door burns and burns.
    If it were a white rose it would tire of blooming... more »

  • For A Thirteenth Birthday

    You have read War and Peace.
    Now here is Sister Carrie,
    not up to Tolstoy; still
    it will second the real world:... more »

  • Immortality

    In Sleeping Beauty's castle
    the clock strikes one hundred years
    and the girl in the tower returns to the world.
    So do the servants in the kitchen,... more »

  • Monet Refuses The Operation

    Doctor, you say there are no haloes
    around the streetlights in Paris
    and what I see is an aberration
    caused by old age, an affliction.... more »

  • Moon Fishing

    When the moon was full they came to the water.
    some with pitchforks, some with rakes,
    some with sieves and ladles,
    and one with a silver cup.... more »

  • Paul Delvaux: The Village of the Mermaids

    Who is that man in black, walking
    away from us into the distance?
    The painter, they say, took a long time
    finding his vision of the world.... more »

  • Reading The Brothers Grimm To Jenny

    Jenny, your mind commands
    kingdoms of black and white:
    you shoulder the crow on your left,
    the snowbird on your right;... more »

  • Reasons for Numbers

    Because I exist.... more »

  • Scenic Route

    For Lucy, who called them "ghost houses."

    Someone was always leaving... more »

  • Sometimes, When the Light

    Sometimes, when the light strikes at odd angles
    and pulls you back into childhood... more »

  • The End of Science Fiction

    This is not fantasy, this is our life.
    We are the characters
    who have invaded the moon,... more »

  • The Laughter Of Women

    The laughter of women sets fire
    to the Halls of Injustice
    and the false evidence burns
    to a beautiful white lightness... more »

  • Things

    What happened is, we grew lonely
    living among the things,
    so we gave the clock a face,
    the chair a back,... more »

  • What The Dog Perhaps Hears

    If an inaudible whistle
    blown between our lips
    can send him home to us,
    then silence is perhaps... more »

  • Why We Tell Stories

    For Linda Foster

    I... more »