• A Man Of Contradiction

    A Man Of Contradiction

    He views women through rose colors glasses
    But soon that lovely vision passes... more »

  • As She Watches From Above

    Long red hair flowing in the wind
    As she runs about and plays with her friend
    She was such a rowdy girl
    Who would rather play with the boys... more »

  • Broken Angel

    Angel with the broken wing
    She no longer has a song to sing
    Wondering around lost and alone
    No one can hear her agonizing moan... more »

  • Broken Spirit

    Healing my broken spirit
    The pain in my heart
    Throbbing with every beat
    Robbing me of my heart... more »

  • Captive

    That dark place has captured me
    and refuses to set me free
    I am so tired of living like this
    I think of everything I miss... more »

  • Dance Around Heaven

    My heart feels numb
    Frozen as cold as the snow covered ground
    Feeling so lost and alone
    In my agony I moan... more »

  • Depression

    Depression is my religion
    I lay my emotions at the altar
    As I worship in my pain
    What do I have to gain... more »

  • Do You Know.....

    Do you know.......
    how badly I want to make you mine.
    Do you know.......
    that in my eyes, you are soooo fine.... more »

  • Escape

    Sleep is a wonderful escape
    Like the man hiding behind the black cape
    Body begging for sleep
    Praying for my soul to keep... more »

  • For Only A Moment

    For only a moment
    I felt alive
    I felt wanted
    For only a moment... more »

  • Gone With The Wind

    Looking for some hope
    A way to cope
    I just need something to hold on to
    To help me make it through... more »

  • I See Clearly

    I see clearly
    A list of all my weaknesses
    According to societies standards
    I know my faults well... more »

  • I Want To Make Your Heart Beat Just For Me

    I want to make your heart beat just for me.
    I want a true love in my lonely life.
    The pain of loneliness that sometimes cuts like a knife... more »

  • I Would Of Loved You Anyway

    As the song goes ' I would of loved you any way '
    No one could of stood in my way
    No matter what they all say
    I would of loved you any way... more »

  • Little Children

    Who will protect the little children
    And keep them safe
    Keep them from being beat
    And facing life with defeat... more »

  • Meaning Of Life

    The clouds setting in
    Depression fills my soul
    Feel so low
    Moving so slow... more »

  • My Journey

    My journey has taken me down roads not traveled by most
    Surely you jest, not saying it to boast
    I have had many good times in life
    and many more times of worry and strife... more »

  • Ode To A Dude

    He lured me in again with happily ever after
    and a future full of love and laughter
    I gave him a second chance
    I repeated that dance... more »

  • Only Existing

    I feel like I no longer exist
    A black hole of nothingness
    Swallowing up myself
    Where am I at?... more »

  • Someone Died Today

    Someone died today
    How sad for those involved
    Problem solved
    According to the state... more »

  • The Fog Of My Broken Heart

    The Fog Of My Broken Heart

    The fog of my broken heart
    The dark fog that imprisons my soul... more »

  • The Hole

    My life is so dark
    There is no light
    I try with all my might
    to hold on tight... more »

  • To You I Am Bound

    Do you have any idea how badly I want to make you mine?
    I try so hard to be casual and balance on that thin line
    But there is a sweetness within you
    That light that surrounds you.... more »

  • Tony's Tears

    Tony’s tears
    Fall silently
    On his face
    Looking for a trace... more »

  • Waiting For The Wonderful

    Waiting for the wonderful
    To shine through the clouds
    That is my daily existence
    Where is the sun?... more »