I have a lot of build up anger and a lot of pain in my life which is where my poems come from.My 7th grade grammer and reading teacher, Mrs.Tomczak, noticed a few poems my class had to do and really thought liked mine, So I found this site and posted some of my poems.I've been doing poems scince I was 7 years old.My first poem was written in Girl Scouts about soilders and instead of drawing a picture like most of the girls.I wrote a poem that was published on 3 websites.


Lita Williams Poems

Colton: My Limerick

There was a boy who lived over the hill
He had looks that could kill
I hoped he would notice me
But that seemed to never be... more »

The Differance: My Diamond Poem

Beautiful, Soft
Caring, Giggling, Crying
Female, Lady, Male, Gentleman... more »


An obscure and lonley world
Not heaven- nor hell
Lost and insecure
This is Real... more »

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