• Bliss

    The snow is cold
    It's chilling me
    It's killing me
    Nothing to do... more »

  • Colton: My Limerick

    There was a boy who lived over the hill
    He had looks that could kill
    I hoped he would notice me
    But that seemed to never be... more »

  • Eric

    Sweet, Funny
    Charming, Loving, Enrapturing
    Male, Lover, - Female, writer... more »

  • Lonley

    Alone and hopeing for a friend
    Sitting, Writing
    Reading Poems
    Thinking and Pondering... more »

  • Reality

    An obscure and lonley world
    Not heaven- nor hell
    Lost and insecure
    This is Real... more »

  • Sunday Morning

    Early Sunday morning
    Sun shining through the windows
    The smell of cake fills the house
    My mother sleeping... more »

  • The Differance: My Diamond Poem

    Beautiful, Soft
    Caring, Giggling, Crying
    Female, Lady, Male, Gentleman... more »

  • Twilight

    I sit here
    Cold and Alone
    With no one who cares
    All I wanat to do is sleep... more »

  • What Does It Hold

    What does the otherside hold
    Who will we see
    Were will we go
    Leaving this hell we live in my just be another hell... more »