• A Friend I Need

    Just stay around as a friend
    Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
    Never leave my side and let me alone
    Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on... more »

  • A Little Lady's Prayer

    Our Father
    Please give me a lover
    True and sincere
    A scholar he must be... more »

  • A Lot To Learn

    Did I ever fail you
    When you wanted me around
    I came running, almost panting
    Wishing not to lose a single moment... more »

  • A Love So Warm

    I heard your voice
    In my heart
    You touch me
    With your heart... more »

  • A Moon Without A Face

    Must I say goodbye to you
    After you told me
    I can never ever see your face
    I feel the pain creeping into my heart... more »

  • A Small Request

    I have one small request, my God
    For a friend I treasured most
    Heal his wounds,30 stitches sewn
    Injured in bombing in a distraught land... more »

  • A Song In My Heart

    If we were meant for each other
    Why should I lose you now
    Why can't I fight for our love
    I feel hopeless and alone... more »

  • A Timeless Splendor

    Nursery rhymes like priceless gold
    A timeless splendor for little children, the young and the old
    A treasure of wisdom shared unlimited
    Even paupers yet them can bountifully inherit... more »

  • Aela The Winner

    Aela, who seems so sweet
    Eagerly writing from your heart so true
    Losing yourself in your thoughts that are never blue
    As you look deep within your soul... more »

  • Again

    Again she plead
    Almost begging
    Almost kneeling
    Almost crying... more »

  • Aghast

    Things didn’t work out right
    As I thought they should be
    I woke up feeling good
    And was excited to see you again today... more »

  • Alone

    So deep the silence
    I am drowned beneath
    So deafening it makes
    The sound of tear dropp could be heard... more »

  • Always There

    God gave us the sun
    To give us energy
    To brighten up our day... more »

  • Apart In Time

    You were still a moist in the air
    Suspended in space
    When I came out of the earth... more »

  • Arreverderci, Mi Amore

    I now must bid goodbye to you
    Before another day should break its dawn
    I could not bear to see your heart break
    Over me because I failed you... more »

  • Beautiful Charms On Valentine’s Day

    Some say nothing is more romantic and sweet
    To say I love you with flowers red, white and pink
    Beautiful blooms for the love of your life that brings magic
    A beautiful charm that goes with red balloon, cushion bear and chocolate... more »

  • Black Tales

    A real love is hard to find
    So many try to promise
    They will stand by your side
    But they are not there when things go wrong... more »

  • Bring Me My Wings

    Bring me my wings
    So I could fly
    Up high above in the sky
    Over the ridges, mountains... more »

  • Can'T They Be Kind Enough?

    I cannot understand
    Why some foreigners detest Filipinos
    They call them names
    And humiliate them in public... more »

  • Come Home To Me

    Come home to me, my dearest
    When the sun rests his cloak in the west
    When the darkness swallows up the night
    And the birds hide their wings after a long flight... more »

  • Coming Home

    Home is where you are
    Here in my heart
    Where you would always stay with ME
    Forever in every day... more »

  • Crazy Love

    I dont want to love you anymore
    I've been fed up with your lies
    You said you gonna love me till the end
    But it's all up in your lips and not in your head... more »

  • Daybreak

    ... more »

  • Dead Stream

    Much as I wanted to stay
    I can not, my heart it bleed
    The pain too much
    I cannot take... more »

  • Deaf And Mute, The Night

    The night is long and endless
    If what you only hear is your own heartbeat
    Only the dead walls are your witness
    And the sightless ceiling your centerpiece... more »