• I Believe

    I do believe
    That God sent you to me and me to you
    That you and I are meant for one
    That my heart wasn't wrong to fall in love with you... more »

  • I Don'T Wanna Say Goodbye

    All day long I searched for you
    But nowhere else could I find my heart
    Are you out there somewhere forgetting
    This your little princess slowly dying?... more »

  • I Love You So

    I write my heart
    For you to see
    You are the best
    Only for me... more »

  • I Promise

    My heart battled with my pride
    I was hurt and so stay away I tried
    But my heart plead I should see you at last
    I had sleepless nights while we were apart... more »

  • I Remember

    Of course, I heard them all
    Everything you said and those that were left unspoken
    And yes, I understood them all
    Everything you did and will be doing... more »

  • If You Feel Like Lovin' Me

    If you feel like lovin' me
    Say the words and hold me close
    Grip me tight or I'll get loose
    You'll never catch on me again... more »

  • Illusion

    An image of a flashing dream
    An illusion that tricks my mind
    Vanish, oh dream, from me
    Float away and melt... more »

  • In His Eyes

    There was something in his eyes
    Different from any other
    His gazes went through my soul
    Captivating my heart and all... more »

  • In My Dream

    How I wish time flew so fast
    For me to finally see you at last
    How I wish I would still find you there
    As you promised to even wait forever... more »

  • In One Moment In Time

    I cannot believe my eyes
    You are here with me at last
    You found me when I was the one searching
    It's so good to be in your arms again... more »

  • In Your Own Time

    I am lonely but I am not alone
    Because I know You’re here
    Watching over me... more »

  • Invisible

    She hides away
    In the corner
    Afraid of the light
    Darkness is her world now... more »

  • It's Christmas Time Again

    It's Christmas time again
    To make that long list of things
    Gifts for kids and friends
    To bring out sweet smiles in them... more »

  • It's Raining

    It’s raining hard
    Today seems pretty bad
    Can’t go out and play
    Just watching rain fall heavily... more »

  • I'Ve Found A Place

    I've found a place
    Where I can put my mind at peace
    Where I can dry up all my tears
    Where I can put an end to all my worries... more »

  • John 3: 16

    “For God so loved the world…”
    This is such the greatest love of all

    “…That He gave His only begotten Son…”... more »

  • Just Hoping

    Again I come to visit you
    Just wanting to feel you're around
    Just hoping these little whispers
    Would still reach you beneath the ground... more »

  • Just Nothing

    Just sitting down here
    Trying to create an image
    But what are these tears for?
    What am I gazing at?... more »

  • Keeping My Faith

    In a manger, He was born
    That in living I should be humble

    He healed the blind and the sick... more »

  • Kenjie

    Kenjie is my family dog
    He fur is white
    With small brown spots
    He sleeps like a log... more »

  • Last Card

    I died
    A thousand deaths... more »

  • Last Night

    Last night as I was lying in my bed
    My thoughts wandered through in space
    My deepest desire is to see us together
    Holding each other's hands... more »

  • Leave Softly

    I am leaving
    I shall leave no trace
    Do not weep for me
    Just let me go... more »

  • Let It Go

    She closed her eyes
    But could not sleep
    She heard the fan rambling above her
    Dogs barking in the neighborhood... more »

  • Let Me Be

    Let me be the star
    That you look up to from this far
    Let me be your day and your night
    Your sunrise and sunset... more »