• Like The Monsoon Wind

    So little time
    For little talks
    It's goodbye
    All that's left are memories... more »

  • Listen

    A cry for help
    Whose heart won’t melt?
    If you were in his shoes
    What would you have felt?... more »

  • Live For Me

    You’re lovable and adorable
    So huggable and kissable
    You’re that special
    You’re my guy... more »

  • Lost

    I can't write anymore
    Words have lost their meaning
    Since you've been gone
    Nothing can be said... more »

  • Lost In A Dream

    I've been tossing 'round and 'round my bed
    Wanting to find my sleep
    I tried to close my eyes
    But my mind is awake... more »

  • Lovebirds


    They sing and dance
    Hopping and making noise... more »

  • Loving Hands

    You left too soon
    When weak still are my bones
    You just taught me how to stand
    Just walked my first step and you were gone... more »

  • Magic She Brings

    She walks with grace
    With a sweet smile on her face
    She wears a mini skirt
    His eyes are fixed on her... more »

  • Mama

    Your voice so soft and mellow
    Like music and magic as words flow
    Your soothing touch when I am sick
    Gives me more comfort than the medicine i take... more »

  • Memories

    I remembered how you wooed me
    The sadness in your eyes
    The composure in your voice
    The fact that your mother left you... more »

  • Midnight Reverie

    The sun has set its glow
    To give the moon its own full show
    Warm spirits roam to watch
    Chandeliers of smiling stars above... more »

  • Morning Showers

    Glittering showers of rain
    In the early morning
    But the sun was shining bright
    Amazing chain of teardrops from heaven’s eyes... more »

  • Moving On

    Sometimes things come rather too late
    Sometimes things come too early than expected
    Sometimes they never come at all
    Sometimes we trip, stumble and fall... more »

  • My Friend

    I heard him knocking
    In the door of my heart
    I was stubborn and bad
    Ignored him till the knocking stopped... more »

  • My Heart Goes With You

    My heart goes with you
    Everytime we said goodbye
    My thoughts are filled with you
    Recollecting what we had been saying a while ago... more »

  • My Wish

    How I wish today's my graduation day
    So I could finally see and feel you near
    The promise of a tender kiss
    The warmth of a sweet embrace... more »

  • No More

    No more do I see the sun shine in your smile
    No more do I see the stars sparkle in your eyes
    No more do I smell the scent of fresh flowers in your breath
    No more do I taste the spring water in your kiss... more »

  • No Way Out

    Left alone
    With broken pride
    Heavily burdened
    With life’s hostility... more »

  • Now That You'Re Gone

    What's life now but a part of the nothingness I once had
    When my world was yet but none
    What's love now but a withered rose
    Of beauty lost, a variety of tragic shows... more »

  • Old Letters, Faded Photographs

    Old letters
    Faded photographs
    One last glance
    Of every bit... more »

  • On A Night Like This

    A night with you
    Is a tender memory
    To linger
    Until the sun breaks through... more »

  • On The Edge Of Despair

    I waited in vain
    A love borne out of a dream
    I tried to breath
    Despite the pain... more »

  • One Dismal Day

    The veins of lightning
    In unusual brilliance
    Sewn from the dark angry sky
    The distant laughter... more »

  • One Moonless Night

    Where feelings begin, words shall end
    Nothing more, nothing less but the pain
    Goodbyes and heartaches fill the scene
    What used to be a serenade, moonlight lane... more »

  • One Sunday Afternoon

    I hear laughters from happy lovers
    One Sunday afternoon as they watch the dying sun sink on shore
    With arms entwined in each other's waists
    They walk barefooted on white beach sand... more »