• Our Love Song

    Someone played our love song
    The music filled the air
    I remember our happy memories
    The love we had, sweet and tender... more »

  • Paper

    When I was just a little girl
    I never had a real doll
    My doll was an empty bottle
    Dressed with spotless paper ball... more »

  • Please

    I ask of you, my God
    To always shine your light on me
    That I will not get lost in the dark... more »

  • Prisoner Of A Promise

    Darling, love can wait
    And it will wait for you... more »

  • Running Away

    I kept on running away
    Still I kept on coming back
    But today will be the last
    You have completely broken my heart... more »

  • Someday

    Just you and me someday
    One we will be
    All that i have
    Are yours to stay... more »

  • Somehow

    If some things don’t really last
    Please don’t you ever break my heart
    I don’t know how it is to live
    Without you life is incomplete... more »

  • Something In His Eyes

    There is something in his eyes
    That burned like flame
    Melting me like snow
    In the open lane... more »

  • Stage Play

    At last, the prince found his princess
    And they lived happily ever after
    The wicked countess fled deep into the forest
    And never been heard again... more »

  • Starry Night

    A starry night
    And when moon is bright
    Is a warm delight
    To everyone’s sight... more »

  • Stealing The Show

    You so engrossed with the NBA show
    My naughty mind wanting something else to do
    Passing across the tv might help
    You'd notice my rosy lips... more »

  • Such A Willow

    The clock struck twelve noon
    A signal to leave one’s work
    Lunch break is yummy good
    Everybody stirred away for food... more »

  • Teary Star

    Little Star
    Why so wane your light
    In this moonless night?
    Why hide and cry... more »

  • Thank You For My Children

    I could say that I am lucky
    To have been blessed with three sons and no daughters
    They fix the plumbing
    They replace bad electrical wirings... more »

  • The Awakening

    This is not the kind of life I once dreamed long ago
    This is not the kind of dream I wanted to get real
    Now I find myself wanting to get out of your hold
    The truth now slowly unfolds... more »

  • The Crown

    When you made me your bride
    I wore your crown with so much pride
    Never took it from my head
    Even at times you went strayed... more »

  • The Day That Was

    It's two o'clock and my heart was beating so fast
    How I wanted to turn back the clock years past
    And finally, just as I wished it, you came at last
    The dream and the man that had changed my life... more »

  • The Devil She Was

    I thought she was an angel
    Speaking words that sound so kind
    Forgiveness in her lips seems easy
    But her heart as dark as the night... more »

  • The Finale

    It could have ended earlier
    Had we realized it sooner
    That things could never get better
    That the dream could never be real... more »

  • The Fool I Am

    What love has brought me
    A fool I became
    Chasing you in all my dreams
    Skipping meals just to be with you... more »

  • The House Still A Home

    I carve my own dreams
    Refuting some truths
    Behind many lies
    Making possible... more »

  • The Last

    The last song played
    Until the last note faded
    I danced to its cadence
    And dropped on my feet... more »

  • The Magic Spell

    My brave and chivalrous knight
    What spell you cast these words now I write
    For long a time they lingered unspoken and died
    You dig them out and gave them life... more »

  • The Nights

    The night was you
    When I was your day
    The words we said
    Dubbed on my page... more »

  • The Parting

    So we parted
    In a way I don’t understand
    You never said a thing
    You just vanished with the wind... more »