• The Rain

    They come tiptoing, sometimes walking
    Sometimes running on both sturdy and made of leaves rooftops
    Falling like coins on concrete floors
    Shining like silver on the grassy roads... more »

  • The Song That Was Never Sung

    Everyday is no sunny day
    My tears fall like rain
    Everyday is a crying day
    My heart cries to teh pain... more »

  • The Voice That Cries Within

    Heal my heart oh Lord
    Heal my soul
    Heal my mind
    Heal my wounds... more »

  • Till Then

    Until then
    Till we meet again
    Until the sun shines
    Into your window... more »

  • Time

    Time is running
    Can`t hold it back even if it`s raining
    Everything goes as it does
    To make most of it depends on us... more »

  • Today

    I know now you've been with me all the way
    From the day I was born until that time when you set me free
    Today you've proven once more
    You are really watching over me every second of every hour... more »

  • Together

    Together we braved the raging seas
    Walked the roughest roads
    Climbed the highest hills
    Struggled with everyday’s norms... more »

  • Too Late Now

    You have become a part of me
    But now that you’re gone
    I feel a piece of me has been taken away
    I have always wanted you to stay with me longer... more »

  • Touch Of The Cold Wind

    I woke up to the cold touch of air
    Enveloping my skin
    Nobody around but me
    And your memory... more »

  • Vagabond Kids

    Did you ever look into their eyes
    And wondered why
    They come begging for a dime
    To stay alive... more »

  • Walk With Me

    Walk with me in my garden
    As I cling gently in your arm
    We send smile and laughter
    To all the flowers we pass by... more »

  • What

    What am I doing here
    Waiting for you
    When you are there
    At the other end... more »

  • What I Feel

    My heart knows not
    To love another one
    Your heart in my heart
    They melt like one... more »

  • What Is Right

    She missed him
    So she went knocking on his door
    At first there was no reply
    So she made another try... more »

  • When

    When will the sky turn blue
    As blue as the deep blue sea
    No silver clouds to hide
    The beauty of the sky above... more »

  • When Passion Ends

    A quick glimpse of his photograph
    Shows some dark concealed deceit
    His broad shoulder her head rests
    I felt some hard creeping pain... more »

  • When Will It End

    I thought I have shed all the tears
    I thought I have overcome all the fears
    I thought all the scars have healed
    But why sad memories kept creeping in still?... more »

  • Where Was That Dream

    Where was that dream
    Where I had a pair of laced wings
    And hover over a nameless tree?... more »

  • Whisper To The Wind

    I asked the night to bring out the sun
    I asked the moon to shine behind my back
    For I don't want to see their beauty
    Now that I've owned a broken heart... more »

  • Who Can Save

    This planet is in suicide
    How could one save
    The oceans, rivers, creeks
    Every dropp of water... more »

  • Why Can'T I

    Why do tears still keep falling
    Why can’t I simply ignore the pain
    Why can’t I just forget it all
    When there’s nothing there anymore... more »

  • Wonderful Mom

    She woke up early every morning
    Like an alarm clock in perfect timing
    Groom her kids after preparing breakfast
    And drove them to school before it raised its flag... more »

  • Wondering

    The bus is running
    It is full of people of all ages
    Some are talking
    Do the listeners really listen?... more »

  • You Don'T Need Me Anymore

    You don't need me anymore
    There's someone else behind your door
    She is waiting for you
    I am but an extra baggage now... more »

  • You Will Always Be My Valentine

    Reading through your old letters
    Brought me back those happy memories
    When we got married, you became the air I breathe
    You were the most wonderful guy in the world... more »