• 3 Of My Poetic Quotes

    1> the wolf thats howls at the angel and not the moon, wished he never did.

    2> the angel that falls in the love gets hanged by the devil inside.... more »

  • A Song

    Not good
    Not bad
    A different love song
    What makes us sad... more »

  • A Step Too Little

    A step too little
    A step to far
    A frozen tear
    A heart what bears a scare... more »

  • After The Fight

    The wolves are watching
    As the moon turns to red
    The war is almost over
    After all the blood is bleed... more »

  • Alone

    There’s emptiness on the other side of my bed
    What is now creeping inside and taking over my heart
    Alone for to many years
    And now is starting to pull me apart... more »

  • Another Bottle

    Just shut your mouth
    Run down the stairs
    Slam the door
    Because no one cares... more »

  • Another Night Another Day

    Another night another day
    without the sound of your voice.
    The house has gone cold
    how your not here to hold.... more »

  • Broken Glass

    Broken glass

    You break a glass.
    And all the pieces shatter across the fall.... more »

  • Did You Ever Wish

    Did you ever wish
    That you could turn back time
    Or speak your feelings
    Instead of putting them into rhyme... more »

  • Differnent Stars

    Different stars
    And the moons on its back
    In a different place
    And the memory’s begin to lack... more »

  • Dream Of Me

    dream of me
    for i wont be here when up wake
    dream of me
    of all the conversations we used to make... more »

  • Dreamer

    a light goes on in a office block
    and a dream pops into my head
    then the light goes off
    and the dream is dead... more »

  • Emily

    Smiles and laughter
    But no one sees the hurt what lies within
    How long can she wear the mask?
    She always has to hide someone’s sin... more »

  • For This That Was Broken

    A howl was heard
    that darkend the land
    for this love that was broken
    they ever did understand.... more »

  • Forget

    forget the times i laid by your side
    forget soft sound of my voice
    forget the walks and star light kiss
    forget all the things you'll miss... more »

  • I Wish You Were Here

    i wish you were here
    to keep my walls strong
    i wish you were here
    because its been to long... more »

  • If This Was You

    A glass of wine
    And a black eye
    She feels that she has lost all her pride
    She can’t find a reason not to cry... more »

  • I'M Just Not Good Enough For You

    I'll make you laugh
    I'll make you smile
    I'll wipe your eyes
    I'll make your life worth its while... more »

  • Just One Time

    Just one time
    I felt my heart on fire
    just one time
    I didnt need to dream... more »

  • Life Without True Love

    To live and never find true love
    Is like eating food without the taste
    To die without ever being found
    Makes life a bit of a waste... more »

  • Not The Same

    The beds are not made

    The kid are away... more »

  • One Word

    Just one word
    But ican not speak
    Just one word
    But i am to weak... more »

  • Sleepless Nights

    cant sleep at night
    so I stay awake till the morning light

    scared to dream incase I never wake... more »

  • Someone's Greed

    I feel the tears on my face
    Yet non are falling
    I lay down and sleep
    I wake and im old by morning... more »

  • Sometimes

    sometimes we wish we could forget
    because we cant forgive ourselfs
    sometimes we wish that we were someone else
    because we hate ourselfs... more »