• Days

    How many days can you bleed?
    Pain in every memory.
    I lost him.
    So here I lay suffering.... more »

  • Existance

    I see him,
    Does he see me?
    Does he even know I exist?
    Does he know I love him?... more »

  • Him

    ... more »

  • Moon Cry

    When the moon cries above
    small tears hit my cheek.
    So sad and lonely
    and to myself, I cry too.... more »

  • Morning Dove

    Morning dove,
    cries before the open sea.
    For all her loved ones are gone.
    For the last few minutes she cries,... more »

  • Music

    Music flows through everyone.
    The sound so sweet, so beautiful and neat.
    Over the seas and through out the sky.
    Music can bring to halve together.... more »