• A True Friend

    A true friend will always help
    They will be honest
    No matter what happens
    They will always be the fairest... more »

  • Anger

    All I can feel inside me
    Is what they call anger
    This is all I can say
    You're a faker... more »

  • Broken Friendship

    One talk
    Turned into shouting
    We can't agree
    On one thing... more »

  • Broken Trust

    You were one of my best friends
    I trusted you
    We always go out in weekends
    With the others... more »

  • Emotionless

    I can't feel nothing no more
    Is there anything else to feel
    I have to ignore
    There's nothing for me that's real... more »

  • Emptiness

    One thing I know
    Something's missing in my heart
    It's coming slow
    Then suddenly... more »

  • Family

    My family always care
    If I see them hurt
    I can't bare
    I wanted poeple like them... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are wonderful things
    They always support you
    They think you're beautiful
    All of your friends care... more »

  • Gotta Move On

    Gotta move on with my life
    Without anyone
    Even though I'm alone
    Seems like I'm frozen... more »

  • I Can'T Trust You Anymore

    We both now I can't trust you
    You're the one who won't listen
    I told you not to do it but you still did
    Now I'm broken... more »

  • I Hate My Life

    I hate my life
    I hate everything that happend to it
    Everyone's being ignoring me
    And I don't always fit... more »

  • I Hate Them Just Like They Hate Me

    I hate them all
    Just like they hate me
    I don't like them at all
    My heart is so icy... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate you! ! !
    You're a stupid liar
    All the things you said wasn't true! !
    I don't even know why I talk to you... more »

  • I Need A Friend

    Gotta move on
    Without anybody
    I'm by myself now
    Even though I'm not ready... more »

  • I Need Someone Who Understands

    I need soemone who understands
    What I feel inside me
    Who will care for me
    And will always agree... more »

  • I Want It All To End

    My life has no meaning
    Without anybody with me
    All I Wanted to be
    Is free... more »

  • I'D Rather Be Alone

    I'd raher be alone
    Than hurting all of your feelings
    I'm tired
    Of us acting... more »

  • I'M Alone

    I'm all alone now
    No where else to go
    I'm lost forever
    I guess I'm alone a long time ago... more »

  • I'M Always The One To Blame

    I'm always the one you blame
    Every time I tried to tell the truth
    You said my excuses are lame
    Why do you never believe me?... more »

  • Just Want Some Attention

    I just want some attention
    All of you act as if I'm not there
    Invisible where ever I go
    Do you even care... more »

  • Leave Me Alone

    Just leave me alone
    Alone like all of you always do
    I don't care, not anymore
    Coz I hate all of you... more »

  • Loneliness

    Being lonely feels very bad
    It makes you feel very angry
    And also very sad
    Loneliness is something you don't want... more »

  • Misunderstood

    Lots of poeple think I'm different
    I feel that I'm alone
    In this world
    My life is like a sad tone... more »

  • Never Want To Be Alone

    I never really wanted to be alone
    I feel like I'm invinsible in sight
    Like a pebble or stone
    I'm as blank as white... more »

  • You Don'T Trust Me

    We've been friends for years
    We always smile and laugh
    Sometime our eyes have tears
    But I knew you far too long... more »