Liz Wiseman Biography

I am not the Liz Wiseman google says I am! lol. I am from and live in Minnesota, and I am not the president of anything and I'm not apart of any bus projects. If only I could really be that cool! But no, I am 19, my plan is to become a nurse, and I work at a restaraunt. My dad read poetry to me growing up, and writing has always come easily to me. In school, I'd have three pages worth of stuff and people whould complain to me that they couldn't get past one paragraph. They'd be like, 'oh my gosh Liz how can you write so much? ! ' and I would get a little embarassed. But really, I just write down what is in my head, and some people have told me that not everyone can do that, which has never really made all that much sense to me. But anyways, alot of my poems are really juvenile and that is mostly because I wrote most of them when I was 16 and 17. A couple are from when I was 18, but nothing all that recent. Basically, I got into a bit of trouble when i was 17 and my journals were used against me, so ever since, it has been extremely hard for me to write. Although, I have just uncovered some poems I never put on here, so there will be new poems shortly. I'll probably rewrite some too to make them better.