• Abusing The Pedastool

    I based myself on my peers
    I was what lay in their eyes
    I gave them the power of my fears
    My esteem was held up by lies... more »

  • Awakening Sunshine

    Crawl out the den where I lie
    Sun shines on my face
    Years without light sting my eyes
    Squinting, I accept my fate... more »

  • Barrier

    My brain lies dormant
    While my heart bursts free
    There's a small explosion in my stomach
    My first instinct is to flee... more »

  • Breakdown At Perkins

    I'm having a breakdown
    My palms press to my eyes
    I'm trying to calm down
    I wish there was someone on my side... more »

  • Burying In Work

    I keep myself distracted
    With you in the back of my mind
    Cling to everything you impacted
    Preventing me from moving on with my life... more »

  • Darkness

    Dark eyes
    That are really green
    Framed by long lashes
    Looking up at me... more »

  • Dream Of Me

    'Dream of me, '
    'I always do.'
    That's my problem
    My problem is you... more »

  • Engulfing Clouds

    A wind escapes me
    My stomach adjusts
    Its debri and feelings
    Run away from us... more »

  • If Only You

    Images fill my brain
    With what I wish I could do
    Run to him, talk to him
    Have him tell the truth... more »

  • Irony

    Rubbing my back
    Wonder what he's doing
    When I crossed the welcome mat
    I thought I knew where this was going... more »

  • Missing

    Everything slipping away
    Find me a reason to be hopeful
    People start to fade
    Clutching what I used to know... more »

  • My Empty Wilderness

    I never thought it would come to this
    Me driving you crazy
    You finally caving in... more »

  • Naieve

    I look at my things
    Attached with my memories
    My hopes and my dreams
    That are figures of history... more »

  • Out Of Ordinary Genius

    You don't have to be smart
    In the conventional way
    Every little unordinary thing you do
    Is all you have to say... more »

  • Polluted Atmosphere

    Laughs fill the air
    Sliding off teeth
    There's a... more »

  • Princess Erin

    You're everywhere I travel
    Always by my side
    Whenever I am laughing
    People know that you're nearby... more »

  • Rejecting Misunderstandings

    You made me laugh
    Held my smile
    Caused me to feel special
    For awhile... more »

  • Repine, Lo Siento

    Shame clouds up my stomach
    My eyes water from the heat
    I can't bear to look over
    At my best friend sitting in the front seat.... more »

  • Rest

    Amongst his stubble
    Blue eyes and a smile stick out
    I'm getting myself in trouble
    But every rumor deserves a doubt... more »

  • Slithering Among The Back Stabbers

    How do they see me
    How do I see myself
    Now's the time for self reflectory
    As I'm pushed towards the edge of mental health... more »

  • Sniper

    A scope closing in
    On words floating from her mouth
    Switch on the dim
    Stop any tears from flowing out... more »

  • The Old And The Decieving

    Mugged on the street
    I was robbed of my life
    Left with defeat
    I finally opened my eyes... more »

  • The Rise And Fall Of An Empire

    There are things that can't be reached
    But yet I strive to be perfect
    My hunger lies in heat
    Burning on insecurities beneath the surface... more »

  • The Secret To

    Every day I see a girl.
    Everything about her should shine... more »

  • Traditional Lullaby

    I lay in confinement
    On another lonely night
    I try to escape through sleeping
    But the tears fill my eyes... more »