• Daddy Not Here Anymore

    how much i miss you
    could never be told
    the days pass me by
    and it never grows old... more »

  • Darkness

    I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness
    and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under
    I yell for help but no one is there to hear it
    I begin to see the water at eye level... more »

  • Friends

    The leaves are green
    The clouds are white
    My heart is lifted
    High up in the sky... more »

  • Hidden Love

    For you my love's been growing
    from the day that we first met.
    You have always had my heart,
    but your heart I could not get.... more »

  • I Heard An Angel Say

    I thought I saw her face today
    in the sparkle of the morning sun
    and then I heard the angel say
    her work on earth is done... more »

  • I Miss You Daddy

    my heart use to be filled
    with so much hatred towards you
    but now your gone
    and im not sure what to do... more »

  • In Need Of A Friend

    If you ever need someone
    To talk
    I am always near
    If you ever feel lost... more »

  • Innocent

    I’ve been holding onto everything that leaves me empty.
    Why can’t I just let it go?
    It’s so hard to see through, Don’t know how it always gets me.
    Or how I got down this road.... more »

  • It's Hard To Say Goodbye

    sometimes life deals you an unfair hand
    just remember us in every dream
    you'll see when you reach the other side of this land
    it's not as bas as it always seems... more »

  • My Dreary Heart

    My Dreary Heart Feb.3,2011
    the sky so high
    so dark to sad... more »

  • My Grandmother

    since I was a baby,
    you took care of me
    now I'm almost seventeen
    and your baby, I still be... more »

  • This Is For My Ex-Boyfriend's Cousin Kenzee Dennis

    on your birthday
    I wish for you the fulfillment
    of all your fondest dreams
    I hope that for every candle on your cake... more »

  • This Is For My Ex-Boyfriend's Mother Anjee Stiles

    Anjee you're like an angel
    sent from up above
    with all your kindness, tenderness
    and everlasting love... more »

  • Walking Alone

    Destination drawing near
    sound of silents piercing death ears
    walking along the frosty roads
    answering to myself with a burden and load... more »

  • While You'Re Gone

    My days are empty,
    Nights are so long.
    Everything brings you to mind,
    Like your favorite song.... more »