I'm a junior in high school...I always loved reading poems but now I enjoy writing them to thanks to my english teacher. All my of my poems have two meanings; one is easy to see and the other is kind hard to understand. Also, im a dancer. i have been dancing for about 13 years now. and out of those 13,11 of them were only ballet. but i had to stop doing ballet becasue i damages the nerves in my legs and feet. now i can't feel my toes. but i still do ballet everyonce in a great while, but now i mostly do hip hop, jazz, tap, stomp, and a little bit of salsa dancing.


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Kids Day!

GET UP! GET UP! Its time to play!
lets go to the park to start off the day.
we can slide and swing and wait...... more »

You Must Trust

the first time i saw you i hardly noticed
but then...
you started to give me attention.
you would ask me questions,... more »

Whats Yours Isn'T Always Mine

hey thats mine!
oh well never mind.
whats yours can become mine.
oh like those shoes... more »

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