LKY Loke Kok yee

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Homo Sapiens is the only species capable of self extinction; and is working hard at it.
People with the least knowledge have the strongest opinions
Fools are always right and they rightly remain as fools

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Though i have never met Loke Kok Yee, i visualise him as a wonderful spirit. He writes poems for the pure joy of writing poetry. This is reflected in all his poems. His poems are full of wit, knowledge and a deep philosophy. I love to read his poems. It brings so much of happiness. May God bless him with good health and a long life. And of course, many, many poems in the days to come.
It amazes me what you can produce with the stroke of your pen. You found a like-minded community to share your literary works. Never mind if a person cannot write still he can enjoy reading the wonderful compositions posted on this site. Thank you
did i leave a comment here SO RECENTLY? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! THERE must be something special about this poet. COULD it be the check i get in the mail every few months with the cryptic note saying: do something to promote me on PH, OR the checks will stop coming.? bri :) p.s. not only does he submit poems for all to read, but his comments and messages are often clever poems as well! and check out his quotes (see above) . I'VE NEVER been a politician, but i believe the rest of the quotes have something to do with ME!
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