• Alligators

    Author: Mizz Haze

    In the year 1815 there were 3 known types of alligator Bait: catfish animal parts and colored children - if you put your ear to the belly of a gator you can hear the muffled screams slave children. Hear them clawing at the rib cage of a monster much bigger than your bodies. But nothing compared to the machine that held their parents slaves. These babies, who were hungover boats and dangled from rope- a fate their parents would know too soon. I imagine their mothers watch invious that their babies may better now know freedom inside the belly of a gator then still trapped in a country that made them slaves.... more »

  • In Fear Of My Mother Being Diagnosed With Alzheimer's Disease

    Author: Megan Falley

    In fear of my mother being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
    I knew it finally came for you when I got the phone call,... more »