• Heartfelt Harlot

    they have burn holes in their flesh
    from falling asleep with cigarettes
    and i wonder why
    my skin does creep... more »

  • Maelstrom.

    flitting through the weather,
    a tornado's fingertips unraveling
    the questions so frayed
    the threads cannot sustain the pressure... more »

  • Once Upon A Time...

    The fairytale is lovely,
    It glitters with its gold.
    And everything we ever feared
    Has drifted off into the dark.... more »

  • Radiate

    you glitter like nothing I’ve ever seen
    but you fall so fast into your darkness
    you fade so slow and gradually
    so thick like honey but only half as sweet... more »

  • Sleep

    sweet sleep take me with you
    let me ride aloft your feathery wings
    into the night sky
    sing me gentle lullabies with your soft-toned wind... more »

  • Tangible

    sweetly, we, of our aquamarines,
    drifting in and out of the consciousness
    the velvet of our words did create
    and the raw timbre... more »

  • This Is Everything

    This is everything,
    all that truly matters rides on this moment,
    and though the wind blows cold
    nothing could stop me... more »