• Everything I Feel....

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  • For You

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  • Guide Me....I Can'T See

    Guide me...my days are dark and my life is gone...I can't See
    Guide me...you're a guiding light but u belong to some else so...I can't see
    Guide me...I've been on the wrong path with my soul closed...I can't see
    Guid me...For the love u spend without warning leads me down a path of life, but right now i'm still in the dark so...I can't see... more »

  • How You Have Me....

    It's amazing how you knock me off my feet
    When you pass me I feel weak
    Baby I'm the Kind of man that shows concern
    Anyway that I can please you let me learn.... more »

  • I'M Losing It (Because Of You)

    Ever since the situation my mind is tellin me i'm no good
    Life just ain't the same thre's no one left to blame but love
    i'm sick of this love
    i'm caught up in my fears and it tearin me up... more »

  • You Are What I Want

    There's things I haven't told you
    The only thing I want to do is hold you
    Every time you pass me i get this feeling
    The Pain of being without you is what i'm dealing with... more »