• A Turtles Feast

    A Turtle was swimming in the ocean one day when he see's a tasty snack,
    It's a jelly fish hovering above the ocean floor,
    He goes in for the kill,
    And within seconds the jellyfish is gone,... more »

  • Anxiety Why Cant I Be Free?

    My anxiety,
    Is a variety,
    And ruins my fun of society,
    From panic attacks, ticks and phobias,... more »

  • Mr Mimic

    You laugh
    You stare
    You point
    You glare... more »

  • Poisoned Words

    The words manifest within her brain,
    One by one,
    Day by day,
    They slowly devour her self esteem within her,... more »

  • Temptation

    I feel my blood cursing through my veins,
    I feel my heart beating as i say your name,
    I feel my belly fill with butterflies as your red lips are oozing,
    I feel my tiny hairs on my arms and legs stand up as i find it amusing,... more »

  • The Girl With The White Stripes

    This girl inspires me everyday,
    Everything she's been through and she still fighting to live another day,

    Her arms and thighs are tattooed with white stripes,... more »