• Broken Row

    Within the broken row
    With field firm hands
    You fashioned me from clay.
    And placed the bless’ed seeds,... more »

  • Circle

     I cannot say completely what I feel.
    Winter has come and robbed me of my breath.
    But wait till Spring and once again I’ll steal
    Across some field, some barren yard of death... more »

  • Pantoum For A Lost Child

    You in the cold and wrapped in winter lace,
    The wind with grace moves down the cheerless field.
    I cannot send you sun except my heart.
    My tears impede the vision of your face.... more »

  • Prayer: Matthew 23: 37

    O Keep me ‘neath the hen’s bright wing.
    From pillar’s fire and cloudy burst.
    Keep me near the well and bring
    Live water for my aching thirst.... more »