• “i Still Think About You Every Day”

    The words haunting, comforting,
    A fragment of my past drops in
    Makes her random visit
    To shake my once fragile world,... more »

  • “you Feel It Too! ”

    Seeks to stake some sort of claim
    upon my frivolous spirit
    So I attempt to explain
    He feels much more than me.... more »

  • Admired Weathered, Wooden Doors

    Admired weathered, wooden doors
    as we traveled past
    black hinges antiqued to look
    like a blacksmith's craft.... more »

  • Adolescent Conquest

    Try again to slip into this role, become her,
    the one I used to be, makes me want to spend hours
    Licking the nectar from honeysuckles again,
    Taunting, teasing, slowly eating... more »

  • Ah, The One By Which All Others Are Measured—

    Ah, the one by which all others are measured—
    Took him by his hand out into the world
    as he clutched the door frame. It took that,
    being dragged before he smiled,... more »

  • Alone At Night

    By day she is an oak tree,
    Weathering change and strife,
    By night she is a shivering pup
    Longing to be held tight.... more »

  • Artic Lover

    Try not to pour my soul out anymore, to leak,
    Hardened from the aching of the past few years
    Never know when love will take advantage,
    use the weakness that such emotions force... more »

  • Battered

    Keep painting to mask
    The battle wounds, left upon my face
    Not let them see the warrior wear
    Disappointment, disgust, disgrace.... more »

  • Bitty's Plea

    Gazes up big eyes so blue
    "Mommy, don't go, just a few
    More minutes with you.
    Hold me and press your lips... more »

  • Broken

    Showers down like broken glass
    Upon the girl who weeps
    Life as known changing fast
    Cannot escape in dreams.... more »

  • 'Bubbles! '

    Remember the day
    when you longed to hear,
    that one special word
    so precious, so dear?... more »

  • Cannot Find Words For My Nerves

    Cannot find words for my nerves
    unsteady hands, heart trembling.
    Instantly begin to sweat, sick
    feeling in the pit of me.... more »

  • Chasing Temptation

    Older than me,
    put myself in your way
    wishing you wouldn't leave,... more »

  • Continuing Education

    Ten hours of boredom,
    Coffee, solid attempts at staying awake,
    Dread the dreary sound of his voice
    Reverberating off the walls,... more »

  • Daddy Raised Me To Soften

    Daddy raised me to soften
    The edges of my sharp tongue
    Takes daily practice biting it
    When I want so badly to... more »

  • Deceased

    '...beautiful, endearing,
    a tower of curves and laughter'

    Silenced, so well that I am... more »

  • Deceived

    It has been a long weekend.
    She haunts the pages of my mind
    makes me sick to know the truth
    that I am certain to find... more »

  • Departure

    He told me it’d get easier
    to see him on his way,
    but sorrow is no friend of mine
    I know he just can’t stay.... more »

  • Disgusted Angel

    Angel of past
    where are you?

    Once kissed my lips,... more »

  • Double Tragedy

    I hate that this has consumed me,
    But my quiet moments are filled
    With the thoughts of these two tragedies,
    Two loses, two caskets, two days travel,... more »

  • Dumpster Dogs

    'dem mutts found some months ago
    digging in the trash
    savages of the dumpster world
    now domesticated pets... more »

  • Escapes At The Most Inopportune Times

    Escapes at the most inopportune times
    Like a river from inside me, takes me first
    By surprise wondering what I might
    Have done that I should be embarrassed by... more »

  • Fantasy

    If in dreams
    were heaven’s light
    Smeared across the
    frosty night,... more »

  • Finding The One

    Andy used to say, there's no other quite like me
    Benjamin professed undying love in my eyes blue as the sea
    Daniel used to be the one who'd whisper in my ear
    Edwin used to tug at me ‘cause I could never be too near... more »

  • Floors That Tell Lies Of Your Footsteps

    Floors that tell lies of your footsteps
    climbing 16 carpet stairs,
    traveling hallways to a lonely bed
    and a wife that no longer cares.... more »