• $$money$$

    People think that money is everything.
    Well news flash for them money is not everything! !
    Yeah buys you food, cars, houses, toys, and clothes, but it can't buy true family, and real friends.
    Most important of all it can't buy true love.... more »

  • 2nd Chances

    It's getting closer and closer eachday. Death is near. Everyone is feeling it coming on, not only you. The pain of it is building up in our hearts. Our guts are telling us that we are going to have to say good-bye sooner then we want. All of these, 'What if's? ', questions keeps going through my head and my heart.

    If there were 2nd chances when it comes to life or death, death wouldn't be on your list. If I could turn back time to make things right everything would be different, and death wouldn't be on you list.... more »

  • A Heart

    A heart is filled with blood.
    It is bright red.
    That is if it is a good heart.
    It depends on the person.... more »

  • A Mad Face

    A mad face is a person who didn't get their way.
    A mad person who got a bad grade.
    A mad person is someone who gat blamed for something they did not do.
    A person who wants kids and can't have them gets really mad.... more »

  • A Smilely Face

    I am happy today.
    You were really happy yesterday.
    Dustin might make us proud today.
    Which would bring a smile to our faces.... more »

  • Dream

    Everynight I dream about being with you.
    You are holding me close to you.
    You are telling me how much I mean to you, and how much you love me.
    You whisper in my ear that you would do anything in this world for me.... more »

  • Flames Of Hell

    Life is crazy.
    People think that they know you just be looking at you.
    The truth is, is that they don't.
    They don't know who or what you really are.... more »

  • Freedom

    People say that this country is free.
    To me it is not free.
    Anywhere you go your not free.
    Your not free to say what you want to say about how you feel.... more »

  • Freedom Of The Heart

    Sometimes I feel that I am not free.
    It is like I have no feedom what so ever.
    I am not free to speak my mind.
    I am not free to say what I feel within my by heart.... more »

  • Friendship

    It's really hard being someone's friend, when they only think of theirself.
    True friends stick together no matter what.
    They are always there for eachother.
    They don't talk about you behide your back.... more »

  • Get Away

    'Life is a bitch then you die! '
    That is a saying that I hear a lot.
    I never believed that saying until now.
    As I look back in to the past.... more »

  • Have You Ever?

    Have you ever been in-love?
    Have you ever had your heart broken?
    Have you lost someone that you are close to do to death?
    Have you ever had to watch your back because of people wanting to jump you?... more »

  • How Come?

    How come your all I think about?
    How come whenever your near no one else matters?
    How come my heart pounds fast when you look at me?
    How come I get butterflies in my stomach when you speak to me?... more »

  • How Do I?

    How do I forget the pain that was caused by you?
    I know that I caused you pain to, but I would never walk out on you.
    We kept things from eachother.
    Which instead of keeping secrets we should have shared them with eachother.... more »

  • How?

    How do think when people are so loud?
    How do you love when people play games with your heart?
    How do you sleep with so many things on your mind?
    How do you deal with it the right way when you have no one to sare it with?... more »

  • I Hate

    I hate the way people stare at me like I am a nobody.
    Because I am a somebody.
    I hat getting sick.
    I hate losing people that I am close to.... more »

  • I Swear

    I swear to be honest with you.
    I swear that I will not lie to you.
    I swear to be true to you.
    I swear to be faithful to you.... more »

  • I Wish On A Star

    Everynight when the stars are out I wish on one.
    I wish that I could turn back time.
    Turn back time to fixes things.
    I wish that I could change the way I feel about you, but I can't.... more »

  • It Took Me This Long

    It took me this long to see who and what you really are.
    It took me this long to see that you have always putted me down, because you are a nobody.
    You had nothing better too do with your life.
    It took me this long to see that I am better without you.... more »

  • Learned

    There once was a rose.
    It just popped out of the ground like a shooting star.
    I learned things about this rose.
    It has many things in common with me.... more »

  • Love Thee

    Love thee, honor thee.
    Thy heart is pour, bitter and sweet.
    Thy kiss is soft and pour.
    Love thee truly.... more »

  • Me An Angel

    Sometimes it makes me feel good inside, when people call me an angel.
    Then afterwards it gets me thinking, I am not perfect at everything.
    So why do some people call me an Angel?
    I do make bad choices sometimes.... more »

  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is the day that children share their love with the women they call mom.
    The women who loves them and cares for them.
    Who has been there and has forgiven them for their sins.
    Who has stood beside them.... more »

  • My Hearts Voice

    I don't know what to do with my life.
    I don't know what road to take.
    So many voice's talking all at once.
    It's hard to understand what they are trying to say to me.... more »

  • My Sister

    As I think about it more and more each day, it comes clearer to me.
    What I feel in my heart is no lie.... more »