• No More

    No more yelling at me.
    No more putting me down.
    No more treating me like I am a nobody.
    Because I am a somebody.... more »

  • Numb

    Everyday I lock myself in my room and let the tears fall from my eyes.
    Everynight instead of sleeping, I cry and cry.
    It's getting really hard to hold these tears in.
    Everyday my life falls apart more and more.... more »

  • Our Friendship

    I was in need of a friend,
    And because i didn't have this friend I was lost in this world.
    You came in to my life and showed me who I really was.
    I could share my problems with you and you understood.... more »

  • Please Don'T

    Please don't turn away if I be myself.
    That's all I really want is to be just me and to be liked for who I am.
    Please don't turn away and hat me when you learn my past.
    Some bad things went on in my life through out my past.... more »

  • Rainy Days

    When it rains it is wet and cold outside.
    You can hear the rain drops as they fall from the sky above.
    Rain seems to fall like tear drops.
    Tear drops coming from my eyes.... more »

  • Remember

    As time goes by sometimes the memory can fade away.
    Even the good ones, the ones that mean something.
    If by chance your memory begins to fade away, please don't forget me.
    Remember the great times we had together.... more »

  • Sheded Tears

    Life is hard to explain.
    Somethings are better lefted unsaid then to be told in sheded tears.
    Some people don't know when to stop.
    They always have to have the last laugh about everything.... more »

  • Single Father

    It started as a game, a simple joke.
    A one night stand with someone I really don't know.
    Not even a month later she showed up at my door.
    She tells me that I am going to be a father.... more »

  • Spark

    The first time that we met there was a spark between us.
    We have so many things in common.
    You're always there when I need a friend.
    I could always talk to you about anything and everything.... more »

  • Spinning

    I don't know if I want to cry or hold it all in.
    So many things are happening so fast and all at once.
    I wish that I knew what to do.
    My head is spinning so fast that it is going around and around.... more »

  • Spring

    Spring is among us.
    Flowers are beginning to grow.
    Bees are soon to come out to get honey.
    They feed off honey.... more »

  • Summer

    The hot sun shining down on everyone and everything.
    It tans some people and gives bad sun burns to others.
    People having parties, cookouts, and playing games outside.
    People going to pools and beaches to swim.... more »

  • That Special Day

    The day you show your family that you still think of them and care.
    The day you share your thoughts with them about how much you love them.
    That special day that comes once a year Valentine's Day.... more »

  • The Brave

    Without God and the Angels, and above all our soldiers, we would not be be here today.
    They are the ones fighting to protect us.
    They risk their lives everyday, to make sure that we are safe.
    This is our home!... more »

  • The Confession

    It is hard to admit what I did wrong.
    But I did.
    I messed up with you. No one is perfect.
    I tried to please everyone all at once.... more »

  • The Guy

    I've never met you.
    I have talked to you many of times on the phone.
    Sometimes I don't know what to say.
    I don't want to tell you that I like you like that, because you might turn away, and never want to talk to me again.... more »

  • The Pieces

    My life fell apart in the past.
    Today is today.
    I have to pick up the pieces and throw them away.
    I must move on with my lifee and stop putting it on hold for you! !... more »

  • The Powerful Kiss

    The stars are out filling the night sky.
    The cool breeze blowing through my long hair.
    We were holding hands and then you wrapped your arms around me.
    Holding me close to you as butterflies danced in my stomach.... more »

  • The Sun

    The sun shines very brightly.
    When cluds are not covering it.
    The sun is yellow.
    The sun comes up in the morning. The sun shines during the day.... more »

  • The Truth

    The truth is unspoken because of my fear.
    The fear that keeps going through my head.
    The truth is, is that I am scared that if I tell you the truth about how I feel when I am with you, and what I am thinking everytime you are near I might lose you.
    I don't want to mess up our friendship.... more »

  • The Way I Feel

    Sometimes I feel like I am not wanted.
    People see right through me.
    They don't want to see me for who I really am.
    They see me and then talk shit about me before they even get to know me.... more »

  • To

    To a special father.
    A man that has stood beside me through the years.
    Even if I was in the wrong.
    You maybe mean sometimes, but I forgive you.... more »

  • What I Want

    I want to get through high school.
    I want to go to college.
    I want to get a good job and make something of myself.
    I want my dreams to come true.... more »

  • Whenever

    Whenever I am down all I have to do is look at you picture.
    Your smile makes my heart melt.
    When I look in your eyes I get butterflies in my stomach.
    When you hug me it is special to me.... more »

  • Why?

    Why did you leave me?
    Is it because I did something wrong?
    You were and always will be the best uncle in the world.
    Why?... more »