• Without You Guys

    When you guys were born, my heart was filled with happiness and joy.
    When I started dating this guy, I thought that he was the one for me.
    I had forgotten how much I enjoy hearing you guys.
    How much I love you two.... more »

  • You

    The only time that I am really happy is when I am with you.
    When I am down you got like this special gift to make me forget all of my pain.
    When I am with you I laugh alot.
    You always bring a smile to my face somehow.... more »

  • Your My Angel

    I thought that you could only see Angels and hear them sing.
    I never knew that they really talked, until I heard your voice.
    When you spoke to me, it was like I just walked in to Heaven.
    Every word oyu spoke sounded like an Angel singing.... more »