• An Illusion

    Romance is sometimes an illusion
    Lover's wanting seclusion
    And broken hearts shatter
    Torn apart and scatter... more »

  • Captivating Dance

    Come dance this dance of love with me
    We will let it be so wild and so free
    It will captivate just you and me
    Come along and dance these intricate steps with me... more »

  • Easy Conversation

    A natural flow between an man and a woman
    Just soft and easy conversation you see
    What else is there to say
    Eyes meet... more »

  • Kindred Spirits

    Just two kindred spirits
    Two very lonely souls
    Traveling down different roads
    Loneliness is their companion... more »

  • Lover's Song

    Crescent moon and falling stars
    Travel across to where lovers are
    Love's first kisses taste so sweet
    Capture true bliss so complete... more »

  • Passions Fire

    Thy tender kisses from above
    Treasured by my true love
    Memories are so treasured
    So often are not measured... more »

  • Rainy Skies

    Listen to the soothing rain
    Touch against the window pane
    Steady drops are what I see
    As if falling down on me... more »

  • Reflections

    Looking through the glass
    Reflections of the past
    What do I dare to see
    Staring back at me... more »

  • Tempered By Fire

    Fire burning oh so pure
    Calm, steady and so secure
    Strength tested by the fire
    Burning through one heart's desire... more »

  • The Garden Gate

    I wait for you at the garden gate
    Yes I will patiently wait
    Among the wild flowers that bloom
    So fragrant and so free... more »

  • The Gift

    I was given a gift so very rare
    Laid my heart and soul to bare
    To my surprise it came to me
    So grateful I was on bended knee... more »

  • The Invitation

    Lead on my love and come to me
    Lead the heart where it yearns to be
    Let our souls learn to fly
    Leas us love until love dies... more »

  • The Risk

    Lonely tears upon my face dried
    My broken heart replied
    Will my shattered heart mend
    For time does a broken heart tend... more »

  • The Thief

    Once I built a wall around my heart
    Afraid was I to have it torn apart
    The walls I made were strong and deep
    Too late the walls came down upon my feet... more »

  • Windmills

    The windmills of my mind
    Are like blades of memories
    Pushing through strands of time
    Lingering here and there... more »