• A Slow Goodbye

    you were in my life for such a long time.
    We had an aboundent amout of laughs, fights, disagreements, (etc) .
    I had the greatest amount of respect for you.
    You were like super women - I admired you.... more »

  • A Years Journey

    We traveled the road side by side
    recovering from our departure
    we promised we would give it a try
    and we would not divide... more »

  • Addicted To You!

    Your eyes glisten like the stars in the country night sky
    Your smile tells me everything will be alright
    Your hug makes me feel secure and safe
    Your laugh is the music to my life... more »

  • Bus Ride Home

    You climb aboard
    for a trip home
    A place where you are known.... more »

  • Cancer.

    cancer is a ghost that may appear
    in anyone, any body type, no matter what your age.
    In any shape or form cancer can appear and cause us fear.... more »

  • Clockwork

    She giggled
    She laughed
    She smiled
    She had a great time... more »

  • Despair?

    She once was the happiest girl alive.
    She could turn every frown upside down
    and was a friend of great renown.... more »

  • Every Time

    Every time I hear your name
    My heart beats faster... more »

  • Every Time I Face The Mirror

    Every time I face that mirror
    I see the face
    The face of fear... more »

  • Fly

    We all wish we could fly.
    Fly away from all the pain
    The problems,... more »

  • Goodbye

    Leaving you
    Moving to a new school
    Moving to a new city
    This may be true... more »

  • Goodbye Or See You Later?

    For all those who cried all night because the thought it was goodbye.
    For all those who said goodbye did you really mean it?... more »

  • Her Rainbow

    The tears finally stop falling
    vanishing leaving a rainbow in their place.
    Leaving it to glisten in precious light.... more »

  • Hidden Inside

    A billion secrets
    Not all little
    So you don’t tell anyone
    To afraid... more »

  • How Can That Be?

    You decided to play me like of game of darts
    using my heart as the bullseye
    deciding when you would play again.... more »

  • How She Really Feels

    She dances in the rain
    Jumping in the puddles with her bare feet
    Cold as ice but she could care less
    Her silky hair blowing with the chilling wind... more »

  • How?

    I lose my keys
    I lose my book
    I lose my pencil
    But how do I lose someone so close to me?... more »

  • I Miss

    I miss our silly conversations
    I miss when we use to stay up all night talking about nothing
    I miss seeing you everyday
    I miss our crazy plans... more »

  • I Want To Be That Girl

    I want to be her
    The one with gorgeous eyes
    The one with the perfect hair
    The one that has the nicest outfits... more »

  • I Wish You Luck

    You crushed my heart
    You left it in a million pieces
    I left it there
    Looked at it... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    I know your problems are worse.
    I know your problems are bigger then mine.
    I know you are tired of listen to me complain.
    I know I get on your nerves.... more »

  • I'M Tired

    I'm tired of hearing “I'm sorry”
    I'm tired of hearing “I'm moving”
    I'm tired of hiding everything
    I'm tired of saying everything is alright... more »

  • Just A Dream

    Tears falling down her face
    Make up smeared all over her cheeks
    Cheeks and nose rosy red... more »

  • Life Is A Race!

    Life is a race we begin with high hopes and dreams- determined to succeed them all.
    We want to be the person who everyone looks up to, the person who invents something extravagant, the person who finds a cure, (etc) .

    During the race, there are numerous obstacles: high jumps, rocks, trees- which block our paths.... more »

  • Life Is...

    Life’s beauty is breathtaking when we take a moment to observe it.
    Life is horrible when it takes an unexpected turn.
    Life is amazing when we are satisfied with the events around us.
    Life is hectic when we have a million errands to complete.... more »