About Me:
like to tell about the feelings of present past and future
like to stay at home, gossip, tending cows and sheep, gazing at the sky, seeing the green Nature, sowing seeds,
singing songs but harsh voice of me...finished high school...
stubborn fellow... good to nothing


LOUHOJONG mora nodi Poems

The Dream Is Veiled

The Veiled Dream

Why sudden stop
oh, Traveler... more »

বাড়ী গেলেই (Bari Gelei)

বাড়ী গেলেই এদিক অদিক খুঁজি
অই যে হেসে মা এল বুঝি
মা তো নেই ভুলে যে যাই
আবার ঘুরে ওদিক তাকাই... more »

When I Visit Home

when i go home
search here and there
is that mom
who is coming with graceful smiling... more »

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