Hmmm were do i start? Well i am Puerto Rican by birth, I started to write poetry when i was about 18. I felt this urge to write down some of my thoughts and can you imagine, some of it even made sense to me! Words from my mind onto paper, Brilliant! ! So i decided that i would try and somehow make others think about their own lives and perhaps make it better. So writers believe in yourselves and remember, it is how our minds tick that makes all of us special and unique.


Louis Charriez Poems

Young Again

Whispers, they are all around.
Man grows, and stops.
Listening to his heart.
It pumps blood then stops.... more »


Dust in air.
Light in the forest.
Screams afar.
Lusting angels in air.... more »


Can it be given?
Has it the things you need?... more »

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