• American Beauty

    The perfect American Beauty Rose,
    is it diminished
    by the slag heaps on Rt. 11, just west
    of Scranton, or by the dark cloud... more »

  • Inevitable

    Somewhere in Forster—was it Aspects of the Novel?—
    there's something to the effect of,
    How can I tell what I think till I see what I say?
    I've always meant to check the quote, but I'm half afraid... more »

  • The Blackthorn

    The blackthorn was his father's,
    a piece of Ireland
    that the old man could still get his hands around
    even as his hands grew weak,... more »

  • The New Theory

    A butterfly's wing
    moving gracefully
    in a still Asian dawn
    works up a storm... more »

  • What Cowboys Know About Love

    Last night on the sports channel
    I watched the rodeo.
    Those cowboys have it right;
    the best and the beauty of it.... more »