• A Birthday Poem For Roxann

    There is jar of daily nourishing creme
    and age-defying night cream
    on the white-washed pine bureau
    beside the Victoria Secret catalog... more »

  • A Taste Of Eternity

    ... and I will love you
    the way one consumes
    a meal... more »

  • A Woman In Baquba

    A woman in Baquba lost her
    brothers yesterday, shot to death
    by gunmen, the paper said.... more »

  • Absence

    In the afternoon I think of this word
    thinking of ways I can feel
    the bite of this definition
    And I search for its meaning... more »

  • And Death Came

    When death came
    Like the fierce rain of Summer
    when death came and drained his body... more »

  • And Now, You

    When I touch your hand
    from the paper, the words
    move without sequence
    and rush becomes a tempo... more »

  • And One Other Thing

    And one other thing,
    she told me she liked
    women and she lit a cigarette... more »

  • Beyond The Revolving Doors/Rhode Island Hospital,1998

    Beyond the revolving doors
    where steel poles and wheelchairs lined
    up like sentinels along neatly placed furniture
    and wild ivy tangled in ceramic pots,... more »

  • Black And Blue

    One Summer he asked me
    to get his pack of cigarettes,
    but I was not quick enough.... more »

  • Black Silk Scarf

    Once arrived from Beijing,
    My mother and sister approach me,
    heavy tweed sweaters wrapped around
    their shoulders,... more »

  • Comfort

    I tried to talk to him one Winter
    when my mother was in the hospital
    He was sitting in the parlor chair
    taking a puff of his Camel cigarette... more »

  • Dancing In Las Vegas

    One day my sister appears
    at an Art fair
    near the Scituate farmland... more »

  • Daughter's Grief

    Grief is in my backyard
    where the weeds grow
    high and tangled as it
    has before but not without... more »

  • Encouraging Aidan

    Deep in his bowels
    a bug rages, Pneumonia
    holding him hostage, and I watch
    as Adam tries to swallow... more »

  • Fairy Gods

    Outside your door tonight
    I saw a wash of shining stars
    The night sky,
    crayola blues... more »

  • Gemma's Bar

    Around the corner by the place we called
    Silverlake, and down from the Cold Cut joint
    where sausages hung in the window, Gemma's
    swinging door was a Saturday pleasure.... more »

  • Going Back To Manny's Father's House

    It is near empty. The closing is Monday
    and the house still has 'good bones'
    I could see myself many years ago, standing
    in front of the dining room window,... more »

  • Happy Birthday, Adriana

    At a birthday party
    half past the hour
    in another state
    I watch the pizza... more »

  • He Wept For His Father

    He wept for his father
    His father who implored
    him to not test life, to not
    seek treasures unknown... more »

  • I Thought Of Dorothea

    Her sisters stood by the hospital bed
    and covered the frail legs of Dorothea
    with a fringed blanket from home... more »

  • Impressions


    And when the music played..... more »

  • Infatuation Ruins

    Decades ago, the waste of infatuation
    hidden in my wallet pocket
    a crumbled rose, a piece of stale
    chocolate waiting to be eaten... more »

  • Intervention Of Grandchild

    Part of the moon peeks through an opening in my blinds.
    I am sleepless. It is my third grandchild, and she is sick.

    It is way past 2 am and my cats are clawing at the rug... more »

  • Isolation

    In the room
    where we must
    gown and glove
    and mask... more »

  • January Dream

    I am the white snow blanket
    left by an angry night.
    You are the blue cool sky
    that contrasts with the light.... more »