• February

    Your soft evening breeze
    caresses my face, my hair, my soul.
    Light is your tread.
    You glide in... more »

  • Love And Death

    What is this then?
    The death of love;
    Words torment and do not temper
    The feelings that ravage every breath.... more »

  • Mindlessness

    This is not the time to love,
    The desperation for belongingness;
    Thoughts and time,
    The futility of existence haunt... more »

  • Shelter

    Oh sleep! Merciful sleep,
    Embrace me in your silken arms tonight.
    Shelter me from the garish light of day,
    Now, the night; my nerves strain.... more »

  • This Night I Stay Awake

    This night I stay awake;
    I fear to drown in a dreamless slumber.
    I ache to hand you my destruction.
    My thoughts torment, monsters in my head.... more »

  • সর্বনাশ

    আমার সর্বনাশ লেখা হোক তোমার হাতে।
    কি দেবো তোমায়?
    আমার বিষাক্ত জিবনের একটি আদ্ধায়।
    বলেছি কি, ভালোবাসি?... more »