• A Journey

    Let me take you on a journey
    Just close your eyes
    Take a breath
    And put all your trust in my words.... more »

  • Is Suicide Really That Bad?

    Is crying really that immature?
    It's the bodies own self-cure
    A way to rid out all the pain
    The only way to keep one self sane... more »

  • Let's Start There

    Let's start there.
    The relations we had, those are gone, but the memories will never fade.
    The conversations have passed, but the messages will always be saved.... more »

  • The Cut

    The Pain.
    It surrounds her and soon engulfs her whole
    Leaving no sacrifices, not even her soul
    She was a hostage with no where to run... more »

  • The Truth

    No special rhyme or rhythm
    Just blunt honest truth
    The time that has passed
    Has been something that is tear worthy... more »

  • Unspoken

    The words that she does not speak will always mean the most
    And if ever you seek meaning to her silence just look into
    Her gazing eyes for they converse nothing but the truth.
    The smile on her lips, while that can be deceiving, the kisses... more »