Lowanda Lee Poems

If Only You Knew

My love, if only you knew,
My thoughts, when it comes to you.
To tell you how I feel, it would take to long,
If I had a voice like Patti, I would sing you a song.... more »

Just Tonight

I am not a child I know what I want
My body say yes, but my mind say don't,
I have this desire that burns deep inside
I want you, and I will not be denied.... more »

Again, Once More............

As I think of your essence, and this I know,
I crave your loving, again, once more.
As you kiss my forehead, and beacon for a kiss,
Only reminds me of what my body has missed.... more »

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Whisperkwane Lamb 08 Sep 2009 02:54
I've only found two poems from you...whats up?