Loyd C. Taylor, Sr. Biography

Loyd is one of 12 children and grew up as a simple country boy in the great state of North Carolina. His parents were a source of inspiration by providing him with a rich and full appreciation for life and living… and of faith and family. Much of his writing reflects a sense of deep Southern roots. Loyd's wife, Kathy, is the source of inspiration for his romance and relationship poetry. Loyd’s writings reveal a person who is thankful for each day God allows him to live. He takes notice of the everyday common graces that many may take for granted. Loyd prefers the cool mountains and streams above the ocean and hot sand, but loves all of God’s creation. Loyd loves America. He respects and admires greatly those who are serving or have served in the military to preserve America’s freedom. In Loyd’s own words, he says, “I by no means consider myself to be a great poet, certainly not a professional poet; I do, however, believe God has given me a gift-a muse, if you would. So I just follow my muse and write the way that I think and feel. I prefer the title: “Simple Poet” for it suits me and my writing. I feel very blessed by anyone who has read and has enjoyed my writing. So, let me say a big thank you to all who take of their precious time reading my work. Thank you, Loyd

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