• A Bluegrass Christmas

    Bluegrass Christmas

    Musical Intro…... more »

  • A Christmas Poem: Twelve Things About Christmas Past

    Twelve special hand-made ornaments, all safely stored away,... more »

  • A Day More To Live

    In the darkness,
    He's wandering aimlessly on;
    Who's searching for him?... more »

  • A Dilemma

    It all started with my teeth,
    So artificial ones went in;
    Then I had trouble chewing,
    So they replaced my chin.... more »

  • A Friend Like You

    When I have down times
    Days dreary and blue,
    I receive help right on time
    From a friend like you.... more »

  • A Glimpse Of Easter

    On a hill, He is crying!
    On the cross, He is dying…
    Oh see Him in agony!... more »

  • A Glimpse Of Heaven

    Five years held in a metal container
    A nightmare that abused my sanity,
    No freedom and only rations of food
    Five years seemed an eternity.... more »

  • A Light In Darkness

    Warm friendly
    Shining sharing showing
    Congregation body family friends... more »

  • A Mercy Bow

    Beauty in the Sky
    Seven colors well blended
    Mercy after rain.... more »

  • A Mother's Day Poem For You

    Written by my Grand daughter
    Cayce Taylor
    Her first poem.... more »

  • A Near-Sighted Romance

    A few years back I was out on a fling
    So I drove over to a new hot spot;
    It would allow me a place to unwind
    And for me give romance another shot.... more »

  • A Number For A Name

    With my uniform on I entered my dingy cell
    I'd been given a number instead of a name.
    The gray bars slammed shut on an old inmate and me,
    as I sat down sadly on the tiny bed frame.... more »

  • A Past Life Lived

    He's waiting for her, any minute she'll be home. Outside he's moving
    about, his pigtail about shoulder height dangling out from under a blue
    Harley Davidson cap he has on.... more »

  • A Piece Of Cake

    It was supposed to be easy, well, that's what John, my good friend and retired plumber told me over the phone.

    John lived two hundred miles away or would have been at my house in a heartbeat. I'd called him about a tiny leak I had, hoping to get some much needed advice on its repair, before hiring someone to do it. I hate spending money!... more »

  • A Place Called Home

    Streaming in the wind
    as her mouth closed
    ever so tightly on the
    future material needed... more »

  • A Prayer

    In need
    I made
    A prayer
    To Him... more »

  • A Prayer For A Lady Who Is Struggling


    Heavenly Father today is a day that you have made, and as you teach us in your most holy word, we will rejoice and be glad in it. What a privilege I have as a created one to be able to come before the awesome creator God in prayer and bring my petitions. Thank you for this blessing.... more »

  • A Prayer For You

    My friend...

    Let not your heart be troubled,
    Never give in to fear;... more »

  • A Rainbow Is...

    A Rainbow is…

    An undeniable natural beauty,
    Appearing mysteriously,... more »

  • A Reflection

    What is the sum of all I've done?
    What is the worth of all acquired?
    What profit is under the sun?
    What purpose for all I‘ve desired?... more »

  • A Rose

    it begs for the dew
    to kiss its blushing red lips
    as colors blossom... more »

  • A Tree Perspective

    I've seen you in this barren space
    Standing majestically tall,
    I've gazed upon your elegance
    From winter through to fall.... more »

  • A Tribute To An Outstanding Woman

    The Pastor's Wife
    A Tribute to an Outstanding Woman... more »

  • A Wise Proverb

    There once was a young fool named Naive,
    Who did run with bad company,
    To him words were given,
    Which helped change his livin':... more »

  • Accomplishment!

    First a baby… a beautiful little girl,
    A special gift of God sent into this world.
    Her parents were blessed as they gazed into her face,
    She was named Hannah, meaning "favored grace".... more »