• A Harlequin Romance

    We steal away into the night
    and pretend that we're immortal
    Breathing life into this tragedy... more »

  • Acid Bath Of The Impervious Armor

    My ionic alleyways corrode,
    adorning sordid fantasies,
    as the annals of time combust... more »

  • An Echo Of Silence

    Like so many other nights I tried
    to close that bedroom door with care
    and fall away to my own world
    But that night you were there.... more »

  • Bereaving Turmoil

    I reach inside this shadow
    to be swallowed by sunken memories
    and descend on unsought stairways
    to rooms I'd never see when fettered... more »

  • Bleeding The Illusion

    I rose from a wasted sleep
    with Neitzschean hymns still echoing
    as if they'd been my lullabies... more »

  • Blind Casket

    Take down my cold metal stepping chair
    On which I nurse from my natal depression
    I am hanging somewhere already
    Losing my rosy warmth and shine... more »

  • Blue Deluge

    ... more »

  • Bulldozer Vs. Garden

    Through another tragic sunrise
    Inside this perfect wasteland
    where I have come to believe
    the mother starves the meak... more »

  • Chiasmata

    My hand falls to the covers; releasing my
    cell phone as it chimes a busy signal.
    With new reserve she slips away
    and back into her shell,... more »

  • Cliche Love Poem

    These nights are cold
    and the days are a haze
    As seconds drift by
    like exhales of the sleeping... more »

  • Finger Prints On Minute-Film

    With that ephemeral
    tragic talk show stare,
    to cut through your most
    elaborate mask... more »

  • Ghost In The Rising Sun

    We'd once stood in darkening corners of
    out crumbling house and quenched the
    cracked floor with soft
    summer words that seemed to... more »

  • Given

    Lay me down where we feared to tread.
    I know you heard every word I said.
    Whispers scream in a memory,
    ever as dear as ever dear.... more »

  • Intermission...

    It's Thursday morning, pouring rain and all the shops are closed.
    This quiet city's under a tornado warning,
    and a little coffee shop on the corner
    was the only place I could find that... more »

  • Lady In The Water

    Solemnly I discorded
    to meddle in the cogs of grace,
    Driving faster out of hope to be saved
    as angels resisted and devils gained.... more »

  • Mire

    There is only one thing worse
    than a burning question,
    and that is having
    nothing at all... more »

  • Old Man By The Window

    Sitting here in my rocking chair
    It seems not getting anywhere.
    With burnt specks on my fingertips-
    and singed ends in my hair.... more »

  • Penance Of The Undead

    By Luke VanderPol

    The animate corpses hunt for clemency... more »

  • Phoenix Of Winter

    Like an insatiable fly in a slipstream
    of gratuitous decay-
    you stared into the sun,
    perchance to lose sight of your scars,... more »

  • Ratio

    Not a phrase.
    White and yellow lines,... more »

  • Reign Of The Night Hag

    They inhale,
    And exhale,
    in vicariousness-... more »

  • Silo Of Disrepair

    I am suspended amidst the chaotic
    disassembling of paraplegic machines
    Terminally doomed and forever withering into stone.... more »

  • Snapshot Of An Orchid

    by Luke VanDerPol

    You stretch up to the sky... more »

  • Snow Angels Of Narcissus

    Our tethers fell dismantled
    Into the withering sun
    To leave me breathing in the smoke.... more »

  • Velvet And Porcelain

    I let you take the wheel
    with my wreckage to escape,
    to drive us fast so I could feel
    on icey roads, like Heroin.... more »