• Far From Him Self

    As I stumble on road, which should feel familiar
    In a world which has bridged is self so far
    The thought of Home, home with in him self is needed... more »

  • Goodbye

    A wave and a look of goodbye,
    No words are needed in a situation already known to them.
    Already gone, as now all is needed is for them is to part,
    To separate and look back on this gift they both need.... more »

  • In All We Seek End

    You fight it, Yet your still left shattered
    You Face it, yet your still left wounded
    You dispute it, yet your soul is still left tired... more »

  • Lack Of You

    See me threw this crowds eyes
    Judge me threw this crowds words
    But you do not see me, or Judge threw your mouth... more »

  • Life After Innocence

    They have just entered life
    Past the age of adolescence
    Away from the innocence
    A mile from expectation... more »

  • My Better Half

    Hello Love Hello Life
    Please I hope your Listening
    I have fallen, to missing you
    I have fallen far from your world... more »

  • My Worst Fears

    I proclaim my worst fear,
    As people to really distinguish me
    Not as people see me, but
    For people to know me when I am... more »

  • Now I Shall Scream

    As I look back
    On the Happy days of my life
    The days with you
    I ponder if the things I did... more »

  • Pointless Eyes

    Enjoy the walkway of time
    We are on the prolonged fall down
    Die before you let It bring you down
    As the years are long... more »

  • Reaching Out

    To reach in, and search for the emotion
    That once made you content,
    To reach out, and show the emotion
    That now masks the person... more »

  • Same Life As You

    Through out life we all find our best
    For an eternity we meet our worst
    I remember all so well the dreams which lay broken
    As well as the dreams which stay alight... more »

  • Take This Moment

    A new life is started at different points of our life,
    Where moments of meaning shed light, on our new path
    We can not be blind to these moments, which offer new hope.... more »

  • The Confrontation With Ones Self

    Crowded, surrounded in a room
    Costraphobic from the eyes with looks of intent
    Surrounded by perception, thought and gestures
    And feeling of loneliness, in a room... more »

  • The Strength You Seek

    My strength seems to be the corner stone
    In which you rest on
    But you don’t seem to understand
    The strength you see in only a mirage... more »

  • Unloved

    And to always be unloved,
    Not a single tear shed,
    For a pain I never wish to feel.... more »

  • Walking Dream

    What happened on this day?
    A day which seemed to change,
    The face of my life
    Was it a walking dream... more »